Xander 18 months

This lil fella is just divine and very much doted on by¬†Mummy, Daddy and his fur-siblings! I just can’t get over how many adorable expressions he has!square-9-up dsc_8197 dsc_8213 dsc_8267

Anna and Gav – Baby On Board

Whilst it has been been over 8 years, I can’t remember a time when I have been more proud or in awe of my own body than when I carried my own son for 9 months. There is something incredibly beautiful to me about a womans’ body when she is creating a little miracle inside.

It took a brave Mumma-to-be to indulge me with a very early morning beach session to celebrate her pregnancy and we witnessed an incredible sunrise on a chilly morning to create the portraits you see here. Baby Ezra is due in October and I can’t wait to meet this long-awaited¬†newborn!

Please note – discreet nudes are included in this blog post.